Saturday, January 21, 2006

Backyard Adventures

Embarked on a trip into nature today. Equipped with my newly acquired digital camera, I decided find out whether it was really worth quarter of my fortune by putting it to the test. With only a cup of coffee for breakfast and shouting enthusiastically in my head "Here I come!", I proceeded to snap every insect that was not bothered with me poking my lens in front of their beady eyes. After a few minutes of mindless focusing and swatting at those annoying mosquitoes buzzing everywhere, I couldn't decide whether it were my hands that was shaking or it were the leaves that my ever patient subjects were on that was swaying too hard (damn that camera shake icon). As a result, some of the pictures were not really sharp, muahaha....Anyways, here is my feeble attempt at backyard photography..Enjoy!

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