Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Doodles

Doodles from recently.. I wanted to achieve a whimsical and all so simple look to my illustration away from complicated vectors. Its quite fun to do these actually, once the kick starts ideas begin to surface very quickly. How do they look?


milknpowder said...

where is my favouritest bubble boy????

Pink wabbit said...

Hey mei mei,

i like the doodles...very cute leh, but hor, a bit flat, why don't u add some highlights or shadows/ light and dark to it?? I'm quite sure it will liven up the whole scene....just a little suggestion..... :)

kuoli(皞傑) said...

I like your pale and harmony tone. You keep them simple without applying any contrast or shadow. It's a kind of style. Right?

kuoli(皞傑) said...

Hi twisstii,
How are you? Keep busy? Didn't see your character update for a long time.