Thursday, September 14, 2006

Its Raining... Snakes!

Cats these days...they all seem to be outdoing each other with the quality of "gifts" they place on our doorsteps each day. After Pelican complained of having found 2 fat and juicy lizards in her bags from her cats the other day, I got the shock of my life when my cat Twistee came home with a tree snake of some kind in her mouth! She had insisted several times to place it in my Father's room which needless to say her plans were thoroughly ruined!

As they seem to even weirder,my other cat Twiggy insisted on attaching herself like glue to me during an inspirationless sunny afternoon sketch in the garden, thinking that its good to get a tan at the same time. (*0*II)


milknpowder said...

i want a snake!!
a little green snake!!
why can't MY CAT bring me snakes... sigh.....

F L E E said...

Remember the long green one?
That one that got squashed by an on coming vehicle!! I still got the picture!
Twistie's new pet? Why can't he keep a catnip stuffed mouse like any other cat!!!