Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Long time no post, due to distraction from various awe inspiring books. Thanks Flee, Im enlightened! Heavy rains threaten to flood our pea sized island, driving me indoors with no excuses to go out but to sketch lots at home. Drowsy pets in dreamland are really nice subjects to start, filling page after page of my sketchbook. Hope this makes up for my lack of blog activity :D


F L E E said...

is that WangWang or Lucky?
So nice eh rainy days...
Hows the garden doing? Did the water flood the Twisstii's Mama's flowers?

milknpowder said...

haha at 1st glance i thot u drew pigs 'cos was all pink - hahahaha!!!!!
i guess it's lucky??

Am sooooooo BORED. Wanna stop work and get away from squinty insinuating looks that make u feel like a bug even if yr conscience is clear.