Saturday, July 28, 2007


The source of my happiness...the reason why I allow my lap to go numb and asleep when you feel like it. Monosyllabic favouring,rubberband crazy furball. Your aloofness, cowardice..hmm i must say you are so much better in front of unexpected guest now, not doing what your name suggest.


hime sama said...

Ninja ah...

Not too bad lah..Not as scary as those stray cats i see out there!

Hahaha. Maybe I am able to overcome my fear thru him?

Lip said...

Kawaii!!! *screams in bimbotic girl voice*

Nice! I like.

Mei Mei is finally bloggin more than just a couple of sentences. Can I say that you are improving?

Or is my chattiness influencing you? Haha

sheryo a. said...

ninja's so gorgeous!

always wanted a dusty grey kitty cat of my own.

nice meetin u at MAAD, see you next month!

F L E E said...

Aiyoh.. just look at that face!!!
That "constantly-in-shock-and-in-awe" face!
Look at those cheeks!!!