Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Nepalese folk art silk screened on handmade lokta paper. The Lokta plant is found at the altitude of 6500 feet to 9500 feet from the sea level in Nepal. The bark of the Lokta plant is harvested by cutting its stem at ground level without destroying the main root. The fragile ecology of Nepal is thus preserved. Lokta regenerates naturally and normally takes 2 to 3 years. The papers made from Lokta are non-perishable in water and highly resistant to insects like silverfish and paper crawlers.

Love the simple and bold lines used in the illustrations featured in this calendar given by my kind sister on her recent trip to Nepal. Am not a fan of calendars usually, but for once I don't mind this earth friendly hand made one as compared to the mass produced and boring variety in the shops.

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Anonymous said...

I really liked the pics. Never knew about the Lokta plant. Thanks for giving the details about how the paper is made. I love Folk Art as each work depicts nature and life and sometimes tells great stories.