Tuesday, April 11, 2006

4th April 2006

After starting the week with the demise of a pet, life became the same old bleak and grey routine. All the anger that welled up during the period of it's illness suddenly didn't matter anymore. After all what matters is we gave our best although the outcome is right there staring into our faces and that we might not be appreciated to make him well. He's in a better place now for sure. Special thanks to everyone that helped during this period. The entire day after this was filled with frustration with everyone and everything and to make myself feel better, I made myself a little pet owl fashioned out of Kinder Brueno plastic gumball and recycled labels. It was a quick attempt and the result is this weird citrus looking plump owl I named Oliver. Stay tuned to a better version..

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F L E E said...

ok...thats it! i'm going to get my own Kinder Bueno!