Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Highest Tide

Miles O'Malley is a thirteen year old boy living in Puget Sound. He has the knowledge of the sea and its creatures like the back of his hand. By collecting marine specimens in exchange for cash Miles life was thrown into the spotlight one day when he discovered a giant squid. Instantly, he becomes a local celebrity with the media hot on his heels for his two cents worth of the phenomenon. Everyone seems to be interested all of a sudden of the wonders of the sea as well as anything mildly associated. As the ocean continues to churn out mysteries, Miles's once pyschic and elderly friend Florence predicts of more unexpected changes in the bay, like the highest tide in 50 years.

As Miles continued to try make sense of the sudden phenomenon, fears of Florence being sent to a home and his love for his teenage problematic babysitter Angie will go unanswered. Meanwhile, more problems surface as his parents are at the verge of divorce. This story of humour and obsession is definitely worth a read. This is a first novel by Jim Lynch.

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