Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Accidental - Ali Smith

Another book review this time, very much in a different genre from the books I usually pick up. Who could resist the bizzare cover photograph by William Eggleston of a woman with a brownie camera? Her latest full length novel, Ali Smith is also the critically acclaimed author of Like (1997), Hotel World (2001) and The Whole Story and Other Stories (2003) amongst the many. A Family in Norfolk has their world upturned when a total stranger named Amber appears at their doorstep. A closet dysfunctional family, each of them is affected by this uninvited guest in strange ways. Amber crosses personal borders, while each member of the family unties the knot that they have been struggling to juggle with. A tale spurned in sequence, Ali Smith's sharp and humourous style of writing keeps one glued to the pages. Satire is her style of writing, engaging the reader page after page. Long after the book is finished, it still casts a magical spell on the reader.

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