Monday, May 29, 2006

Most Recommended- Tohato Harvest

For biscuit fans, I present to you -Tohato Harvest Sesame Biscuits! Recommended recently by Pelican, a walking tidbit storage colleague of mine, these tasty and addictive biscuit wonderland comes in both Sesame and Cacao flavoured. Each biscuit boasts a thickness of only 3mm each and is lightly dusted with adequate amounts of sugar and sesame. Most suitable for cravings during tea time (yes, only tea compliments) and late night hungers. Individually wrapped in thin biscuits of five, they are light and not too rich for a fussy tastebud. If all fails, theres always Cacao flavoured ones on standby. And last I checked, they have come up with a green tea version of these most excellent biscuits. Plus, with packaging that promotes smiles and peace, its no wonder it has won over hearts of the japanese. To check other products go to

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F L E E said...

buy one for me!!!